- Independant Revaluations of IRD trades, vanilla or structured, possibly linked to an existing database.

- Licences for Nitrox Excel based library and pricing tools.

- State of the art Pricing for OIS Swap, Libor Swap, Inflation Swap, Options on IRS products, IRD smile, IRD Exotics; OIS or Libor or Funding discount; IRD Risk Management and Hedging.

- Training courses in finance: pricing, trading, risk management.

- Consultancy in our field of expertise. - Application development Excel / Web / Java / C++ / .Net

Latest News

  • 2015-06-03- Release of
    PubNub Excel
    2015-01-01- Moving East
    To the Philippines
    2013-06-18- Our Demo Risk Management Web Site is live. Check it out at
  • 2012-05-23- Swap
    Cancellation Pricer available
    for Trial, download in
    PRODUCTS/Swap Cancellation.
    2011-09-01- Big Party
    10th anniversary of
    NitroX Consulting
    2011-08-01- 2008 is Back
    Interbank credit confidence
    crisis strikes again